About us

For the past 80 years, Wallenius Shipping has been at the forefront of the international shipping industry. With a strong focus on innovative technical and environmental solutions, we form one of the world’s leading shipping and logistics groups within the car carrier segment. The shipping group consists of two core businesses; Wallenius Lines, the shareholder in several global shipping companies and owner of some 40 RoRo vessels and Wallenius Marine, responsible for ship management and ship design for the Wallenius owned fleet.

All together, the group controls some 170 PCTC or LCTC vessels calling more than 220 ports all over the world. The group operates 19 terminals and 50 processing centers in three continents. All in all, more than 10 million units are transported over sea and land. Read more 

All commercial transportation and logistics services are performed by our associated companies, well positioned under their own brand names with a broad base of customers and comprehensive global coverage.  The group offers global sea transportation and integrated logistics solutions to car manufacturers and producers of high and heavy equipment such as construction, mining and agricultural machineries to mention a few. Read more


Our organisation

Wallenius Shipping comprise two main companies; Wallenius Lines and Wallenius Marine and their wholly or partly owned affiliated companies.

Wallenius Shipping use a shared corporate organisation, Soya Group Support, for internal and external communication, environment, accounting and treasury, HR, IS/IT and security. This is a simple and concrete way to utilise synergies, share knowledge and benefit from economies of scale while allowing each company to concentrate on developing its core operations. 

 Organization chart Rederi AB Soya

Key facts and figures

  • Owns 36 vessels 
  • More than 1 100 Wallenius Shipping employees at sea and on shore
  • Turnover 2014: 19 billion SEK
  • Offices in Sweden and Singapore
  • 170 RoRo vessels operated in the Group
  • 19 terminals operated worldwide by the Group
  • Over 50 processing centres for automotive and rolling equipment on stratetic locations in the Group
  • The Annual Report 2015 (PDF)