2010s - Energy effiency and cost effiency characterize operations

Huge focus lies on operating the fleet as efficient as possible, both environmentally and financially. New global emission regulations sets a whole new maritime standard creating a race to find the most sustainable way to operate. 


Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg awarded H.M. The King's Medal
Margareta Wallenius-Kleberg receives the H.M The King's Medal, 12th in size for outstanding efforts in Swedish industry at a ceremony at the Royal Palace. She also receives the Royal Norwegion Order of Merit (The Commander's Cross) for particularly meritous services in promoting Norwegian interests. 

Seven vessels reflagged
Seven vessels are reflagged to Singapore, a consequence of the continuous financial turmoil. DON JUAN, DON QUIJOTE and ELEKTRA were the first three. 

Green recycling
Four Mark 1 vessels are sent for recycling as well as two Breeze vessels and MORNING GLORY and TOSCA. A certified recycling shipyard in China is elected to conduct the recycling with inspectors on site to ensure that the proceeds in accordance with all the environmental and safety requirements. 

New President is appointed
Anders Boman is appointed President for Wallenius Lines and Wallenius Marine, consequently succeeds both Lone Fons Schroder and Per Croner. 

Long-term charter to WWL
PORGY and BESS are delivered on long-term charter. The vessel is part of WWL’s global fleet.

Roadmap to an emission-free vessel
Project ZERO, Zero Emission RoRo is initiated to realise our vision of an emission-free vessel. Extensive technical data is being produced, which will form the basisof coming vessel generations.


First Mark-V
PARSIFAL, our first Mark V-vessel (RoRo) is delivered from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

More LCTCs
CARMEN and FIGARO are delivered from Daewoo Shipbuilding in Korea.

Armed guards onboard 
Due to the escalating piracy situation, we decide to use armed guards onboard  vessels trading the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean.

Rare visit in Stockholm 
TRAVIATA makes a very rare visit in Stockholm for three days. Co-oworkers, their families and a few business partners are invited and get the opportunity to go onboard.

Another recycling projects 
Supervised by Maersk Recycling, RIGOLETTO and TRAVIATA are recycled on a cerfified yard in China.

Reflagging continues 
DON CARLOS and MANON are vessel number four and five to reflag to Sinagpore.   


New flag
The sixth and seventh vessels, TURANDOT and DON PASQUALE are reflagged to Singapore.

Anti-trust investigation
Competition authorities in Japan, Europe and the US initiates an investigation related to suspected antitrust infringements in the car carrier industry. The investigation includes Wallenius associated companies WWL, EUKOR Car Carriers and UECC. The companies are cooperating with the authorities. 

Next Mark-V delivered
SALOME, our second Mark V, was delivered.


HERO vessels on order
Wallenius Lines orders four new vessels of Panamax size, 36 m width. The new type is called HERO (Highly Efficient RoRo). The vessels are built in China, at Tianjin Xingang Shipyard for delivery 2016 and 2017.

New PCTC delivered
TOSCA is delivered from Mitsubishi Heavy Industies with a cargo capacity of 6 500 cars.


LNG vessel on order
UECC, together with its owners, takes a bold decision and orders two RoRo vessels fuelled on LNG for delivery in 2016. Wallenius Marine is appointed project leader.

Rescue operation in the Mediterranean 
ANIARA rescues 200 refugees in distress in the Medittereanen, which recieves quite some attention during the year. The salvage operation initiates new procedures to safeguard all kinds of rescue operations with a large number of people involved. 

Green recycling in China 
MADAME BUTTERFLY is recycled in China with under the supervising of Sea2Cradle.


Distress Aid Kits onboard
Wallenius Shipping prepares a Distress Aid Kits for all their vessels. It can be used in different situations and include life boat rations, emergency blankets, water canisters, gloves, id tags etc. which can support up to 200 people on board for a few days. 

Green recycling in China
TRISTAN, built 1985 at Kockums, Sweden is recycled in China under the supervising of Sea2Cradle.

Support to the Royal Opera school project
Wallenius Shipping enter a one year sponsor project with the Royal Opera to support a very special school project which involves 350 children age 6-15. The project becomes a great success.



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