1980s - Subsidiaries and agents in global expansion

The global economy is booming and vehicle transportation expands internationally. Wallenius Lines grows dramatically, modernises and expands its fleet and continues to lead technological developments in transoceanic car carrying. A number of PCTC's are delivered and a number of charter arrangements are being made. Wallenius Lines consolidates its global operations by acquiring several of its agents.


New president
After 10 years as president, John Kleberg takes the position as executive chairman. Arne Koch is appointed president of Wallenius Lines.

Offshore ventures
Between 1980 and 1983, Wallenius Lines purchases stakes in Consafe's service and accommodations platforms for offshore activities. These offshore ventures are sold in 1986.

The last bulk cargo carrier
MS AIDA and MS OTELLO are converted from being combined car/bulk cargo carriers into pure car carriers. Their cargo capacity increases from 3,500 to 6,400 cars.


Delivery of new vessels
PCTC's MS FIGARO and MS MADAME BUTTERFLY are delivered. One year later the sister vessels MS CARMEN and MS MEDEA are delivered. Their cargo capacity is 5,230 cars, or 2,380 cars and 500 trucks. In response to customer demand for complex cargo combinations, vessels whith a maximum deck height of as much as 6.5 metres can be offered.


Asian subsidiaries
Wallenius Lines consolidates its position on the Japanese market and acquires its Japanese agent, which changes its name to Wallenius Lines (Japan) Ltd. In Singapore. Wallenius Lines (Singapore) Pte Ltd is founded.


The fleet expands
Wallenius Lines places its largest shipbuilding order to date. MS TRISTRAN and MS ISOLDE, with capacity to carry 5,290 cars or 2,420 cars and 500 trucks´and MS FAUST and MS FALSTAFF, with capacity of 5,410 cars or 2,570 cars and 500 trucks are ordered for delivery in 1985.

MS TOSCA'S sister vessel, MS AVESTA, is purchased and renamed MS ANIARA. The vessel can carry 5,640 cars, or 3,490 cars and 360 trucks.

MS KAIJIN MARU, a vessel operated on charter, is purchased and renamed MS PARSIFAL. The vessel has the capacity to carry 2,900 cars, or 2,500 cars and 130 trucks.

MS AEGEAN BREEZE, MS ARABIAN BREEZE, MS ASIAN BREEZE and MS BALTIC BREEZE, with their capacity to carry 3,200 cars or 1,600 cars and 240 trucks, are contracted on long-term charter and then purchased when the charter contract expires.

Own agent in the USA
Wallenius Lines purchases Motorships Inc, its agent on the US east coast.


Partnerships in Brazil and Norway
Wallenius Lines and a Brazilian shipping company, Transroll, set up a jointly owned marketing and ship operating company, Wallenius Transroll do Brazil, which is active until 1990. In Norway, Wallenius establishes a shipbroking company, Wallnor A/S, and runs it until 1994.

Delivery of a new container and RoRo vessel
MS ATLANTIC CONCERT, with its 614 car and 2,104 TEU capacity, is delivered and chartered to and operated by the ACL (Atlantic Container Line) consortium, in which Wallenius has a 20 per cent interest.


Main shareholder in Argonaut
Wallenius Lines acquires 25 per cent of the shares in the tanker shipping company, Argonaut, which makes it the largest single shareholder in the company. The stake is later raised to 50 per cent, and then sold off in its entirety in 1994.


Fully owned family company again
The Wallenius-Kleberg families purchaes the Axel Johnson's holding in the company, bringing the company back into family ownership again.


Own agent in France
Together with its Belgian agent Cobelfret NV, Wallenius Lines forms Motorships SA, a shipping agency in Paris.


Stake in Dutch agent
Wallenius Lines acquires 18 per cent of the shares in Broekman Motorships, the company's agent in Holland.

New head office
Wallenius Lines moves its head office in Stockholm from Swedenborgsgatan 2 to a new building at Swedenborgsgatan 19. The boundary of the parish of Maria Magdalena, to which the company has belonged ever since its formation, is redrawn to include No. 19.

ACL consortium reorganised
Wallenius Lines sells its 20 per cent interest in Atlantic Container Line, ACL, when the consortium is restructured. However, Wallenius Lines makes a space charter contract for the utilisation of the car space in the ACL vessels.


The Fleet 1980 - 1989

 FAUST (3)
 MEDEA (3)