Wallenius Acquires Steamboat SALTSJÖN

Wallenius Lines has acquired a steamboat from 1925. s/s SALTSJÖN represents a unique shipbuilding technique from the 1920s. There are many ideas of what to use the vessel for. The plan is to place it on Ekerö, in connection to the new residential area Ekerö Strand, which sister company Wallfast is part of building. The vessel can also be used for dinner parties, representation and other outings.

It is with a lot of care for the Swedish maritime culture heritage, in which this purchase has been made. SALTSJÖN is the second culturally historical vessel in the Wallenius Lines fleet and a beautiful complement to SOYA III, which was Wallenius Lines first newbuilding from 1936 and is currently used for conferences.
The operation and crewing of s/s SALTSJÖN will be handled by Wallenius Marine.

s/s SALTSJÖN has had various activities in its past. The first fifty years it trafficked the Stockholm archipelago. During the 1970s it was called s/s BJÖRKFJÄRDEN and was active in Lake Mälaren. The vessel is considered a cultural heritage since 2005.

Since the mid 1990s and until now, SALTSJÖN has been anchored in Stockholm on and off. Strömma Kanalbolaget and Waxholmsbolaget have deployed her. Since 2011 she is owned by Scandinavian Intermarket AB, home port Stockholm. 

Further questions, please contact Cecilia Kolga +46-8-772 0500


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