s/s SALTSJÖN has become s/s BJÖRKFJÄRDEN

s/s SALTSJÖN has become s/s BJÖRKFJÄRDEN

s/s SALTSJÖN has regained the name s/s BJÖRKFJÄRDEN, which was her name from the early 1970s until 1994. During that period, she operated a fixed route on Lake Mälaren, and this is exactly where she will be to be seen in the future.

Today, however, it is not about her going a regular route, but only on special occasions and for charter trips on Lake Mälaren.

For Wallenius, which in many ways has strong connections to Lake Mälaren, S/S BJÖRKFJÄRDEN will consolidate the strong presence, both emotionally and commercially. Hopefully S/S BJÖRKFJÄRDEN will move from the Hammarbykanalen to a quay at Norr Mälarstrand sometime this autumn.

S/S BJÖRKFJÄRDEN will be a unique complement to M/S SOYA III, which has its home port at Gåshaga and a clear presence in Saltsjön.

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