Leading the way towards truly sustainable shipping

For us, sustainable shipping refers to every aspect of sustainability, from environmental and social to the financial part of it. Regardless of what we do, we always have truly sustainable shipping at the forefront of our minds.

This is why we put our efforts into everything from designing a highly energy-efficient hull, to caring about next generation’s seafarers in the Philippines. This is why we digitalize our vessels to get insights of how to increase energy efficiency and why we give financial support to youth organizations arranging summer camps. Its means doing the right things in the right way in order to reduce our environmental footprints. By solving the problem up-stream, we make sure our business doesn’t cause any new problems on the way. For us there is no other way towards truly sustainable shipping.


Towards zero emission in every aspect of ship owning

We provide shipowners with services minimising the cost, both environmental and economical, over a ship's life time. To do so, we are working with certain focus areas.

Energy efficient design

  • Continuous development of concepts and solutions aiming for a long term solution of zero emission shipping
  • Material as election focused on limiting environmental impact
  • Collaboration with yards and suppliers ensuring that raw material consumption is optimized and that environmental impact of the construction is in focus 

Reducing environmental foot prints

  • Continuous focus on reducing emissions to air; green house gases, Sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides and particle matters.
  • Finding solutions for eliminating toxic substances in antifouling coatings and in addition finding the right antifouling to optimize fuel performance (reduced  air emissions) and limit risk of transfer of organisms between the world's oceans.
  • Optimal solutions for ballast water treatment eliminating risk of transfer of organisms between the world's oceans.
  • Reduce, and appropriately manage, waste in our operation, i.e. garbage handling, sludge management, bilge water management
  • Actively seek cost efficient and environment solution to cater for the needs of chemicals and refrigerants in the operation 

Recycling more than 98 % of the material

  • Recycling of vessels ensuring that more than 98 % of the materials is reused in the industry.

By developing our own and ground breaking solutions in these areas,  we have managed to put workable solutions in place for several of our focus areas beneficial for the vessel owner, our customers and the  environment. Often well ahead of laws and regulations showcasing that viable solutions are available.